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ergonomic leather office chairs / modern metal swivel computer chair / high back office chair

Model Number: KM-LB6123
Min Order Quantity:
Quality Warranty:
Payment Terms:
ergonomic leather office chairs / modern metal swivel computer chair / high back office chair

CBM: 0.24M3
Package details:
Packing size: 90*61*43/1 pcs
Loading quantity:
20GP: 110 PCS
40GP: 230 PCS
40HQ: 290 PCS
N.W.: 22 KGS
G.W.: 24KGS

Product Description:

1, the seat / back
Selection of imported 1.2MM first layer of leather (green leather / Sipi), through layers of processing, in line with BIFMA1 level
Specifications, leather gloss, breathable and strong, flexible and resilient, thick, with Dongnuanxialiang
Effect and feel good.
2, cushion and back cushion
Breathable and strong, not easily deformed, aging, according to the body posture, ergonomic water and harmless to humans and other advantages.
3, handrails
Selection of high quality iron plating armrest armrest surface skin, feel comfortable, soft and hard moderate, in line with ergonomic design.
4, chassis
Chassis provides various functions, such as multi-functional chassis, can protect the user for a long time to sit with legs healthy, and as a multi-position height adjustment, any adjustment lock function, but only a significant tilt.
5, the pressure bar
The use of imported BIFMA certified 65/85 / 100MM process pressure rods, can lift tens of thousands, the same height as the seat is adjusted to the knee, the user can sit down with your feet flat on the ground vertically, and the thigh with the ground flat the most ergonomic theory, long-term sedentary user, it will not feel tired.
6. Legs
Five feet of high quality aluminum alloy, outgoing extremely resistant nylon or PU wheel casters.
  The new design sections of long duration, fully performing ergonomic and aesthetic design of thinking, shape and Features high degree of unity.
       Color: Color can offer a variety of colors; shown for a reference.
       [Level]: high-end office furniture, selling products at home and abroad.
       [Inventory]: general are not in stock, the specific contact our customer service.
       Packaging and installation]: Chairs carton packaging, simply install.
       [Product Details]: According to the principle of human body engineering design, the back flow line design, make work easier, even if the work is not easy to produce long Yaosuanbeiteng feeling healthy human design.
Soft wheel design: easy to damage, loss, without destroying floors, carpets, tiles.

ergonomic leather office chairs / modern metal swivel computer chair / high back office chair

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