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Email: sales@office-furniture-chair.com

Add: No.108 Chenjin Industry Area, Huaxi, Longjiang Town, Foshan, China

How to place an order?

Release Date2015-02-13 23:33

How to place an order?
1, Contact by e-mail or skype for specified items.
2, Contract signed and  transfer the payment as deposit.
3, Bulk productions. The high resolution pictures will be forwarded to you during and after production.
4, Balance payment before loading.
5, Shipping send original documents(1) Commercial Invoice  2) Packing List  3) Bill of Lading  4) Insurance Policy).
6. We will offer the damage fittings to you for free.
7, Quality warranty for 3 months after shipment.

Ps: Knocked down packaging with easy-to-follow assembly instruction. Convenient for shipping, and it helps you save a lot in freight fee and can make a larger loading.

Kinmai Office Chair Co., Ltd
Address: Huanshi Road, Chenji Industry Development Area, Huaxi, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Email: sales@office-furniture-chair.com
skype: kinmai2008
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