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Email: sales@office-furniture-chair.com

Add: No.108 Chenjin Industry Area, Huaxi, Longjiang Town, Foshan, China

Quality Assurance

Release Date2015-02-13 22:57

Quality Assurance
1)we have an independent raw material inspection office to guarantee the quality of raw material;
2)during the production process, the workers strictly carry every producing rules
3)we import advanced machines to help the accurate operation
4) every product should be assembled before delivering out producing workshop

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Kinmai Office Chair Co., Ltd
Address: Huanshi Road, Chenji Industry Development Area, Huaxi, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Email: sales@office-furniture-chair.com
Company website: www.office-furniture-chair.com
skype: kinmai2008

Mob: 0086-135-3579-3642
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