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Release Date2015-02-13 22:46

High quality guest chair.
Absolutely competitive lower price
Easy to assemble and maintain.
High density foam.
Environment friendly, green product.
Representative of top standard furniture manufacturing technology
Rich experience: we are a manufacture and 100% products are all for exporting, we have good experience to export to North America, South Asia and Europe market for more than 10 years.
Product: All the material which we used are meet SGS certification, our skilled worker keeps our products in high quality.
Price: Factory direct prices for Different market.
Service: reply customer's questions promptly and accurately, professional team supply the nice export service, including deliver, making documents, shipping and so on.
Shipment: Quick shipment, usually it is only 25-30 days for one container, shipping way can be by Sea, Air, Courier, all is accepted.

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Kinmai Office Chair Co., Ltd
Address: Huanshi Road, Chenji Industry Development Area, Huaxi, Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Email: sales@office-furniture-chair.com
Company website: www.office-furniture-chair.com
skype: kinmai2008

Mob: 0086-135-3579-3642
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