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iHUG office chairs

Release Date2015-12-21 22:44
iHug is designed only for the simplicity and comfort. Like Chanticleer master Alberto Meda said:
"The attempt to achieve simple things meets what you might call a 'biological' need of simplicity. Since we are complicated beings, let us at least be surrounded by simple objects."
"Design for the simple pursuit of a corresponding need so-called 'biological' on. Since we are already in itself complex life forms, at least let's keep it simple objects around."
Good design should achieve comfort, technology, and unified aesthetic.

iHUG office chair is such a chair, her groundbreaking special nylon elastic back, winding up to 90 °, to achieve a strong but soft and comfortable supporting, make a perfect fit with the user's back; at the same time by virtue of the strength of the back support of the kinds of materials does not require complicated bridge structures or T type bracket arm, back, concise style.
In addition iHUG using diverse functions to enhance a sense of ease the pressure to sit:
1. The seat height can be adjusted to meet different people height;
2. The chassis can be synchronized tilt, there are four locking function;
3. Armrest height can be adjusted according to the height of the desktop and the user's physique;
4. high elasticity special nylon perfect back fit make you free gymnastics;
5.3 kinds of back color, six kinds of cushion colors like the color of your heart and take 18.

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