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What is a healthy chair

Release Date2015-12-10 22:52
Health Chair greater need for health to use. Because for office workers, the chair like a second bed, most of the time to be sitting on top of work, and therefore relates to people's health chair. According to the US "family therapy" website reported that the American Massage Therapy Association, said the chair is too low, the time to sit down and people will "nest" in his seat, could easily lead to back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder muscle strain; and chair too high will result in inflammation of the inside of the elbow pain. So, how high chair is most appropriate?
Suitable height to let bear the burden of thigh comfortable. Check whether the finger at the bottom of the thigh, the front of the chair to slide freely sit back. If space is tight, it needs to be appropriate to reduce the height of the chair, or find a spacer pad feet. If you have a finger width between your thighs and chairs frontier, then it would lift height chair.
Hips close to the chair at the back of the state, try clenched fist can pass through the gap between the calf and the front of the chair. If you can not easily do, then the chair would too deep, we need to move it forward or back of a chair pad a cushion.
Here it is not generally regulate the chair, unless the chair back is adjustable, adjust their height was a. Take the time not to "sit down with" huddled in his chair, and extra lumbar disc pressure worse. The correct approach is to "sit up", the hips close to the back, so that the back can be slightly bent, so that we can minimize the burden on the back.
Sitting comfortably under the premise of the elbow away from the table as close as possible to ensure that the upper arm is parallel with the spine, hands on the table surface (such as a laptop or a keyboard), and down to adjust the seat height to ensure that the elbow at a right angle . At the same time, adjust the height of the handrail so happened to be in the upper arm shoulders raised slightly.

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