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Have you ever seen such a wonderful office chair it?

Release Date2015-12-15 00:27
This office chair is the top universities in the US Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) design is completed by Dr. Patrick • Kun Zile (Dr Patrik Kunzler) and designers present • Fleury (Ben Fluri) co-design. The appearance of the strange chair seat with the current design standards are a far cry from employees worldwide, it has no back, no handrails, only two carbon shell (carbon shell). This shell is a Formula One racing (Formula One car) in the use of things that can move with the user.

This chair is called "LimbIc", it is to regulate mood human limbic system (human limbic system) named. It is considered to be the first combination of neuroscience to design chairs.
This chair is focused on the movement of the human body and helps adjust posture, as well as lead to a better relaxation. Users will have a feeling of weightlessness, and this feeling on their creativity, expression and emotions have a positive impact.

Research shows that take too long to produce the human physical and mental health will be adversely affected, inspired by Dr. Kun Zile invention thought of this idea, he hopes the new chair can alleviate this problem to some extent. Statistics show that only in Switzerland, spending on this issue amounted to billions of dollars. Although each chair asking $ 8,450, but Dr. 昆兹勒 Swiss company Inno-Motion orders are filled. In its customer base, workers accounted for 60%, this chair has also been artists, dentists and doctors of all ages.

Dr. Kun Zile explained: "relaxed standing upright sitting position can be avoided oppression pressure points to relieve disc pressure people subconsciously, continued to maintain a slight balance, can increase muscle strength and relieve pressure on the disc if you sit. it will enhance your sense of touch and movement, and to train your sense of balance. "
He added: "Our customers are 60% of office workers, some of them to work properly, while others need to work 16 hours a day proved our chairs have also been artists, artisans, dentists,. doctors and therapists welcome. it has a very positive effect, it allows you to have a feeling of jumping up and down. "

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