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Ergonomic seat design

Release Date2015-12-10 22:53
"Sit" and "seat", because it will have to take a seat, which resulted in the birth of a causal relationship between demand and. Look at today's seat design, it is no longer just to meet their functionality and styling sit artistry, combined with the human body needs, so as to design a comfortable seat. Here of what the ergonomic seat design and links human body under normal posture, the lumbar section of the spine lordosis, while the latter to the sacrum concave. In a good sitting position, the pressure is suitably distributed in the disc, subjected to a uniform static load (see Figure 1) on the muscle tissue. And when a person's body in an unnatural pose, intradiscal pressure distribution is not normal, the formation pressure, oppression central nervous system, resulting in lower back pain, fatigue and other discomfort. (Figure 2)
As mentioned above the influence of different posture on human spine, it is known how many people perceive whether fatigue is due to muscle activity, so different posture have any effect on the activity of the body's muscles do?
The experiments show: In the upright sitting position, the lumbar spine muscle activity is high, because the first lumbar muscle tissue to straighten tension force: rear backrest provides lumbar support, activity was significantly reduced; when the torso forward, back side high activity and shoulder muscles to the desktop as a forward when the support arm does not reduce activity.
All these experimental analysis shows that the seat design and ergonomics are inseparable. Here's seat and working chair to talk about the details of its respective seat design under consideration of the situation of human needs attention.
First, the seat height
The seat height should be adequate to maintain the level of the thigh, calf vertical, feet flat on the floor. Since the height of the work chair and work surface height is clearly related to the work of the best chair height adjustable to accommodate different operators.
Second, seat width
Seat width must be able to accommodate the stocky man, usually set to 43-45cm. Single person
Seat used reference dimension is hip width, the size of the upper limit of the female population is designed according to; of course should not be too wide seat, if the seat is too wide not support arms, shoulder discomfort may cause fatigue.
Third, seat depth
Refers to the front edge of the chair to the rear edge of the distance, the size is not too large, the correct seat depth backrest should easily support the lumbar spine. Seat depth over the General Assembly so that the seat surface and backrest lumbar junction cause physical discomfort, but also to stand up when the elderly difficult.
Fourth, backrest height and width
Backrest consists of two parts by the shoulder and lumbar support, most of the workplace, the main lumbar support. Back mainly by the size of the bottom surface of the hip to shoulder height (depending on backrest height) and shoulder (decision backrest width) For determining the height it must also be included in the effective thickness of the seat. Generally divided into low chairs (lumbar support, seat surface from 10-40cm), the chairs (from the seat surface 50-65cm), high chairs (from the seat surface 90cm) three kinds of chairs. To ease the burden of the cervical spine, provide the best headrest.
Fifth, the backrest angle
It refers to the angle between the seat surface and backrest, which aims to make the back can be supported in a natural state, and the inclination of the seat surface combined to achieve the most comfortable effect.
Sixth, handrail high
The main function of the armrest is to be relying on the arm, of course, it can also serve as a starting point standing up or sitting transformation, while it is also the physical and psychological separation on the formation of the seat neighbors
Away, so armrest height too low are not appropriate, usually set on top of the seat surface effective thickness of about 20-25cm.
Seven, upholstery
Hard seat surface so that the local body pressure is too large and uncomfortable, after the seat is too soft, uneven distribution of body pressure is not conducive to regulate physiological activities, while people could not get the spirit, so in terms of the work chair, the body buried The depth of the seat cushion is not because of too large seat chair slightly softer than the general work, but the body buried in the depth of the seat should not be too large. Due to the improvement of people's living standards, higher demands on the seat cushion, not only to feel soft, warm, but also good ventilation, insulation moderate.
Use ergonomic seat design more humane, I think: With the development of ergonomics, more ergonomic size ergonomic chair will into people's lives, extensive ergonomics use will make our lives more pleasant and comfortable.

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