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• Charles Wilson - Lonely Poet Design

Release Date2015-12-15 00:31
CHARLES WILSON • Charles Wilson
1991 graduated from the University of Technology Sydney
In 1992 he won the Australian Institute "Newcomer of the Year" award
1994 Young became Woodmark CHARLES WILSON product designer, and in the same year completed his graduation debut CW1 (CharlesWilson No. 1 Works) The first paragraph of the seat as Woodmark design.
1995 CW1 won numerous design awards in Australia
1998 23-year-old Charles Wilson (CharlesWilson) received the Sydney Powerhouse Museum (Sydney Powerhouse Museum) notification, CW1 Lounge Chair has been through layers of screening as one of "Australia's 20th century masterpiece of modern design" is the permanent collection.
CHARLES WILSON today is Australia's outstanding industrial designers. CHARLES WILSON • Charles Wilson designs are known to the curve and from Italy in life.
CHARLES WILSON following is part of the work:
1. CW1 lounge chair
Born in 1994, she won the 1995 Australian Design Award 1998 by Sydney's Powerhouse Museum permanent collection.

2. CP1 sofa
CP is the abbreviation ComPact, while the continuation of the famous Charles Wilson CW1 swivel style. Woodmark originally conceived Wilson hopes to design a compact, rugged seats, and this simple idea actually spawned a range of products, including the line of the seat, pedestal chair, sofa, and a series of coffee table three bits.
No matter the angle from which to examine this unique seat, you'll find details on the different artistic beauty of it. This unique design not only other works in harmony with Wilson, but also presented separately.

3. Julep sofa
Charles was fascinated with modern industry, the city's building objects, vehicles, tunnels, bridges and so are his studies, but is also produced many of the ideas in the casual observation of, like, "sweet" (Julep) chair its production process quite romantic.
In a lazy Friday afternoon, Charles sat in a bar frequented by a cocktail. After a cup of drink finished, he looked at the empty glass, beautiful lines to let him think the arc of the chair, then flew to fetch a pen and paper and sketched out the original lines, and named with the name of the cocktail.

4. Boulder sofa
Charles grew up in the city 400 km from Sydney countryside, vast land gave him endless inspiration and imagination. 2006 launch of the round stone (Boulder) sofa series is in accordance with the indigenous people of their childhood found broken millstone used to grind the grain shape design.
Round stone sofa as if the shape of slender physique, both ends of the blunt tip cone stone body, the continuation of the curved arc armrest feels like to be hugged, and great durability.

5. R50 sofa
With its smooth, stylish look for the modern interior space to add highlights. In its perfect design using a radius of 50 times, beautiful sofa body lightly on the delicate architecture of linear stainless steel tripod. Wilson based on people's habits designed height handrails, whether you are sitting, lying down, relying on, or used for storage of tea or PC platform, it is very decent. R50 straight body sofa and corner sofa with chaise longue to choose from.

6. Heron (Heron)
2008 Design Heron (Heron) will chair his style to a new peak. "My inspiration comes from the New South Wales Government building renovation period, when I was shooting inside the building space and furnishings, Victorian chaise lounge graceful curve euphemism fascinated me, and I was thinking how this beautiful organic curves modern way to express. "Charles says.
He used 1: 1 in the form of other large plaster model, like sculpture as a work made a prototype, a year after the Woodmark engineers work closely, Heron emerged.
Heron silhouette is like a Pro will visit Bird, lyrical arcs back seamlessly connected via cantilever aluminum shaft and star chassis, not only the achievements of seating comfort, but also free to do 360-degree rotation. Danish design, use of curves also deeply influenced his style.

7. Candlestick (Candelabra)
In 2005, Charles and Danish silverware manufacturing brand developed in cooperation candlesticks Menu (Candelabra) gained widespread acclaim, also be included in the permanent collections of columns Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.

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