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A comprehensive analysis of ergonomic computer chair

Release Date2015-12-21 23:13
With the pace of modern life accelerated society increasingly fierce competition and the rise of the popularity of Internet technology, more and more people long timeout even sitting at your desk in intellectual work. Many young people learn, play, social activities are also launched on the Internet. Do not move house to continuous fighting, whether in the office or at home, sitting in front of the computer is the habit of many young people. "Sit down" and become a normal modern life.
According to rough statistics, an ordinary life sitting in a computer chair or work chair time more than 40,000 hours, a lifetime office staff chair sitting working time more than 60,000 hours, while sitting in an IT practitioners work chair for more than 80,000 hours. According to a recent health report analysis, design unreasonable prolonged sitting, sitting uncomfortable feeling inferior work chair, it will affect blood circulation, destroy the human digestive system functioning, disrupting the body's metabolism, but also threaten bone health, leading to cervical spondylosis , lumbar, shoulder, wrist vasculitis and other diseases. Thus, the correct posture and a high-quality comfort comfortable computer chair is very important for health.
So, a comfortable high-quality computer chair should have which features? Before answering this question, we should first be clear: What is the correct healthy posture.

So while maintaining the natural curve of the spine, allowing the body to the upper body and thighs angle 90-105 degrees, the easiest way to prop up the entire upper body, reducing pressure on the lumbar spine;
Knee when sitting as a connection point to keep the angle between the thighs and calves should be 90-105 degrees, namely the thigh to level the ground, legs to be perpendicular to the ground, the calf can share the supporting role of the body, thereby reducing the buttocks support load;
When you use the keyboard to elbow as the connection point of the upper arm and forearm should remain angle 90-105 degrees, and obtain appropriate support, so avoid excessive rises or stay at the shoulder and cause shoulder discomfort.
The wearer's head should not be unduly lean forward or backwards to natural erect appropriate, eyes forward head, head eyes should fall on the middle of the computer screen or on a slant position, not too much pitch up or pitch down, in order to avoid There should be about an arm's length distance between cervical unnecessary load screen and eyes.
This is a few seemingly simple principle, but one by one is not easy to achieve, the user's height, arm length, leg length, weight, size and so different, to create a physical condition can be suitable for everyone and habits of standardization work chair is impossible, therefore, a good work chair should have a rich and flexible adjustability, which can claim according to the environment and personal habits details of the adjustment.

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