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6 years of grinding a chair --ASIS still think "god chair" awakening Guangzhou Opera debut

Release Date2015-12-15 00:31
March 28, 2015, the second session of ASIS think still enjoy private meeting and MC • GOD • awakening product launch kicked off in Guangzhou Opera House, the Italian Consulate officials in China, and more than 300 furniture industry decision makers, high-end media , international designer chair with God Mercury unveiled the mystery. Dinner catering services provided by the Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou based event.

Great beauty without words, Mercury's beauty is not made from the raw hard to move, aesthetics are not just talking theory emerged. Modern design too stereotyped, but for ASIS still think the world does not have a uniform standard, the chair is the ASIS think God still took six years, adhere to early heart and make the effort of innovation. Believe in yourself and fulfill each role, focus on doing every thing is born come from Mercury, a chair both rational and emotional. 28 evening, MC • GOD • awakening journey, ASIS think innovation is still passed during extreme positive energy, wake dream every audience wants to adhere to the original!

Activities of the evening American violinist Yi Mina • Sterling Kos, and Russian pianist and composer Pavel • 迪莫福耶夫 Chomsky, brought us the wonderful heavenly music - "Sonata • impression" Duet .

Art is a powerful appeal, as Mercury's design, the crowd's expectations, Mr. ASIS think 尚陈敏 and product designers Bartoli as honored guests of Mercury's development process and development planning have made a wonderful speech.

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